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  • My brand new signature online program Zen High Performance Method has finished a successful beta round and is gearing up for a fully digital relaunch in Spring 2021! Check out some of the testimonials from ZHPM's Alumni under the Schedule tab, and learn more about how you can also unlock your potential, peace of mind, and enduring happiness with quantum meditation, habit excellence, and consistently winning your goals in flow.

  • Many organizations are adding in a movement and/or mindfulness element to the workplace; their team greatly benefits in both body and mind by taking one intentional hour in the middle of their workdays to be present, stretch, strengthen and connect to their breath. This leads to greater peace of mind which equals stronger focus and productivity - everyone wins! Got yoga? If not, got questions? I'd love to chat with you about incorporating a weekly or monthly mindfulness practice and how it may benefit your company.

  • Wellness coaching. Confidence and self-love cultivation. Tactical tools to eliminate stress and anxiety. Release negative thought patterns that are holding you back from progressing toward your goals and thriving in your relationships. Yoga and wellness business development. Blaze forward into the best version of yourself - I can't wait to help you along your journey.